How to Practice Safe Swaddling to Protect Baby’s Hips?

Many babies love the comfort and cocoon feeling of being inside a swaddle blanket. The cozy feel of a warm blanket snugly wrapped around your new born baby’s body resembles a mother’s womb. However, studies have actually proved that straightening and tightly swaddling your infant’s legs can lead to hip dislocation when handled incorrectly.

For any new mom, it is of high importance to understand the importance of safely swaddling a newborn. Not only does this provide great comfort for infants, but it also helps keeps them nicely snug and warm until their internal thermostat kicks in. However, there are risks associated with improper practice of swaddling. If you have been looking for an article that will provide you with key knowledge of how to practice safe swaddling to protect baby’s hips, then you have come to the right place.

What sort of issues can improper swaddling cause to your infant?

Hip dysplasia is an abnormal formation of the hip joint where the top of your child’s thigh bone is not held firmly in its hip socket. Safe swaddling of infants leaves the baby’s hips and legs free to move. Hip Dysplasia is mainly caused from tightly wrapping of infant’s legs straight down rather than allowing them to have enough room for leg movement.

NOTE: Hip dysplasia is actually common after birth and continues use of improper swaddling technique can put your baby at risk for a lifetime of painful joint movements.

Are there techniques that a mother should use when swaddling their newborn?

There are a couple of ways new moms can use to ensure that their babies hips are protected at all time:Try swaddling on a square blanket – What you need to do is place your baby’s head above middle of one edge, tuck his/ her right arm down and then proceed to folding the right side of blanket over baby between left arm and under left side. Tuck left arm down and fold left edge of blanket over baby and under his/ her right side. Finally, fold or twist (depending on your blanket) bottom of blanket up loosely and tuck it under one side of baby.

Try using the diamond shape technique – Here, you will want to fold one corner of a square blanket down and then place you child with its head in the center above folded corner. Next, straighten his/ her right arm and fold right corner of blanket over your infant between its left arm and under its left side. Proceed to tucking his/ her left arm down and fold left corner of blanket over baby and under their right side. Fold or twist bottom of blanket loosely and tuck it under one side of baby.

NOTE: In these both scenarios, baby’s legs should be able to bend in and out.

Best Swaddle Products Available on current market

1. HALO SleepSack

A great swaddle (and Amazon’s best seller) is HALO SleepSack. This item is priced at an affordable price of $13. Made from 100% cotton, this item provides parents with a 3-way adjustable swaddle that has the capabilities of adjusting to your child’s sleep style. You will be able to place your little one with arms in technique, hands to face, or one/ both arms out to ensure that your little one has an easy and gentle transition and best sleep possible. HALO SleepSack. It’s easy and hard for baby to break out of, thanks to its wide Velcro area. Zipper is located on the front side giving a user easier access for midnight diaper changes and so much more! Overall, it’s a great transitional sleep sack.

2. Summer Infant SwaddleMe

Another great alternative is Summer Infant SwaddleMe. Priced at only $25, Summer Infant SwaddleMe is made from 100% cotton material that ensures your baby’s body gets great airflow regardless of how hot it is. It comes inclusive of a secure design that creates a cozy, worm-like feeling for baby and prevents startle reflex that can wake up your new born child. Summer Infant SwaddleMe has soft fabric wings that are easy to fasten and readjust securely with hooks and loops attachments to create an incredible fit.

NOTE: To reduce chances of sudden infant incidental incidents or worse, parents should always place their little ones on their backs to sleep and always ensure that they keep loose bedding and soft objects out of their cribs.

As a first time mom, there is nothing I wouldn’t to do to ensure the safety of my newborn. This is why I have looked for best techniques and best products to ensure that my young one has a peaceful sleep – one that is toasty warm, secure, and safe at all times. These two items mentioned above have been nothing short of a miracle. My child is now able to sleep for a good 3 hours before I have to wake him up for feeding. We are still trying to learn what works best for us but it is evident that these two products are among his top favorites.


Swaddling has been used in many cultures – especially in Africa - as a way to sooth your little one and fussy babies back to sleep. Although this is a great tool to get your infant back to sleep, it can be quite hazardous to their overall well being when handled incorrectly. This is why I thought it was best for me to share some top secrets about best techniques and best Amazon products that will ensure your baby gets the peaceful and comfortable rest that they deserve.


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