Are Plastics Safe for Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups?

Are you a new mother and you are wondering on the best feeding utensils for your baby? When it comes to children, every parent must ensure that she uses the best products for the baby. From the right food, feeding items and also baby accessories such as baby carriers. Well for the food part you will realize that most of the feeding items for a baby such as the spoon bowls and cups are made of plastic.

Plastics are preferred for making baby feeding items because;

Baby reaching for bottle of milk from mother

• Light

Plastics are quite light in weight, and therefore a baby can be able to hold it while feeding.

• Durable

Unlike other materials such as the glass and enamel which needs extra care, plastics are durable as it can’t break if it falls on the ground.

• Easy to wash

Plastic items are also easy to clean.

All the above features make plastic to be preferred as the best material for making baby bottles, Sippy cups, and plates regarding convenience. Well, plastics may be the best option when making feeding items for the baby, but the question is, are they safe for making baby bottles and Sippy cups?

Apparently, there are chemicals used to make plastic bottles and Sippy cups which can be deadly to human beings. Such compounds include the Bisphenol A and other chemicals that may leach from the feeding items as the baby continues to use the feeding items.

What are the effects of the chemicals found in the plastics?

Before Bisphenol was banned in the year 2012, most companies used the chemical in manufacturing baby bottles and Sippy cups so as to harden and make them look bright as well. With time, the chemical wears out and colors the fluid used to them such as the baby’s milk or other foods. This results in the child developing issues such as slow brain and neurologic development of the fetus to early puberty and other developmental and behavioral problems. Hence this led to the campaigning of Bisphenol A-free plastics so as to avoid such matters that were established in the Year 2012 by F.D.A.

What safety measures should one take on plastic baby bottles and Sippy cups?

• Choose the safe plastics

Some plastics are not suitable for use such as #1 #3 or#6 therefore instead choose the more reliable ones such as the #2 #4 and #5 which are highly recommended.

• Wash the plastics with hands

It is advisable that you wash all the plastic dishes using your hands as machines have high temperatures which may leach chemicals into the bottles and plastic cups.

• Avoid microwaving

Avoid microwaving any plastic bottles use a bottle warmer and glass to warm the baby’s milk instead of the plastic bottle.

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Types of safest baby bottles and sippy cups.

Klean canteen

Avent glass bottles

Organic kidz bottles

Ecovessel sippy cup


To be honest, there is no clear evidence to show that there is any safety in using the plastic bottles and sippy cups or not. Although some tests have been conducted and indeed raises concerns regarding the plastic bottles due to the presence of chemical Bisphenol, we can’t be able to conclude on the case. But to avoid these doubts and be on the safe side, it is advisable that you opt for bottles and cups made with other materials such as the glass and stainless steel bottles.


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