How to Choose the Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are incredibly lightweight and fold into a compact size. Double strollers are no different except they offer more space and lack accessories found in full size strollers such as large canopies, all-terrain wheels, and large storage baskets. Despite falling short on accessories, they are great for travel – both airplane and car.

Figuring out how to choose the best double umbrella strollers can be overwhelming, especially for new moms. You will be confused by the varieties of strollers available in the current market. Double strollers are very essential if you are pregnant with twins or with baby number two. Double strollers used to be huge and hard to use, and had a tendency of limiting where you could go. No more. Today, a double stroller is made from very quality materials, they are less bulky, easy to maneuver, and more compact. Below we have compiled a list of key things to take into consideration before purchasing best double strollers for infant and toddlers. From high-end items with stylish colors to budget-friendly products that will get the job done; there is a stroller for every mom.

What type suits your needs best?

There are a few types of double strollers available. They include:

1. Side-by-side

These types are also referred to as twin strollers. They comprise of two seats next to each other. These types used to be too wide and were very difficult to get through doorways or store isles, but the modern side-by-side strollers are well made and are narrower. They mostly come with two car seats. Your children can see and talk to each other easily. They can also both see their surroundings better and both your kids are within your arms reach at all times.

2. Tandem

These types have two seats, one behind the other. Front seat usually cannot recline all the way but back seat can. They are best for an infant and a toddler where the toddler sits in front and younger child lies or sits in the back seat.

3. Sit and Stand/ Stand-on

These are best for parents with a baby in need of a stroller and a toddler who can walk and does not like being strapped down. Your older child can stand and ride on your stroller and they can also rest on a padded bench that’s provided next to the platform

Child’s Age

When shopping around for a double umbrella stroller, the age of your toddler is one thing to consider. If you are expecting twins or you have twins, then you need not worry about this as they will both have exact same needs. On the other hand, if you’ve got an infant and a toddler, then you’ll need to purchase a stroller that will suit both their separate needs.


What sort of activities do you plan to partake using your device? Are you planning for more trips to the malls? Are you planning to partake more outside activities? Trips to malls and other stores will require a tandem styled stroller while outdoor activities can be done using side by side types. For those parents who are workout junkies, then look out for double jogging models.


There are two different seating configurations with umbrella baby pushers. As mentioned earlier, you can opt to choose from side by side seating – which is great for two older children (older children tend to argue a lot about who will seat where on a front and back model). Second seating option is front and back – this type is an ideal choice when you have an infant and toddler. Place toddler in front and infant at the back because rear seat can recline fully while front seating allows your toddler to have a view of the world around him/ her. Also, front seating allows your toddler more leg room.


What sort of accessories are you interested in? Are you looking for models with pockets, cup holders, peek-a-boo windows, etc.?


There types were created to solve space and size problems for parents who are always on the go. Do not go for too lightweight or too small as they will not be able to meet basic needs. While smaller is better, a user really needs to ensure that their choice can still perform well. Inquire about size of folded stroller. This way, you will be able to determine whether they will fit in trunk of your car or other transportation and storage spaces.


Most of such items do not offer much in the way of versatility – double umbrella pushers only do one job; to transport baby from point A to B in a seat with wheels that is safe and secure. It is highly important to make sure that all features work the way a customer assumes that they will, otherwise having them will do nothing for usability.


Figuring out how to choose the best double umbrella stroller is all about listing all the things described above and compare those needs to different models that you come across when shopping. Once you figure out what type best fits your unique needs, you’ll have a much easier time making a final decision.


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