How to Choose the Best Kids Water Bottle

Do you need a water bottle for your kids and yet they can drink water from a standard cup? Well, we all know how difficult it is to get a good bottle that does not leak.

Let’s view some reasons as to why you need to buy a good water bottle for your kids.

• Kids just like adults need to hydrate themselves by drinking water regularly and therefore a bottle will help them carry water wherever they are going to.

• It is essential if you are traveling you bring enough water for your kid and a bottle can be used.

• Bottles are waterproof and therefore prevent spillage of water when the kids are drinking.

• A good Sippy bottle is essential for children who cannot be able to drink water from a cup.

• A beautiful bottle can be a motivation for the kids who don’t like taking water to drink.

• A water bottle is easy to carry as it is made with a handle to hold on, hence convenience for your kids.

How can you choose the best kids water bottle?

The size

This is an important factor to consider when buying a water bottle for your kid or kids. Why? You don’t want a bottle that will be too heavy for your child to hold or too small that your child will not have enough water. Therefore ensure that you buy a bottle that can hold enough water for your baby and easy to carry around as well. You can also consult your pediatrician on how much water your kid should take in a day, and this can guide you to buy the best water bottle for your children.

The shape of the bottle

It is essential to consider the form of the water of the water bottle before you purchase. You need a bottle that has a comfortable handle that your kid will be able to hold. Therefore before you make your purchase, you can test the various bottles in the store with your child just to make sure that they will be able to hold it comfortably. Another thing to consider when it comes to shape is if it will fit in your kid's backpack and for ease access as well.

The material for making the bottle

Some bottles are made of plastic while others are made of stainless steel. Therefore it is advisable that you make sure that if you choose a bottle made of stainless steel, it is rust free. Sometimes it is desirable that you soak or wash plastic bottle with hot water. So make sure that you buy a bottle that can withstand high temperatures. Also, plastic bottles come in different beautiful colors that are quite appealing to the kids.

Tight cap

It is advisable to ensure that you buy a water bottle that has a tight lid to avoid spillage of water either when drinking the water or when carrying water in a bag. To ensure that the cap of the bottle is tight and right you can test it while at the store to ensure it meets such criteria.

The type of spout

There are two types of bottle spout, the hard and the soft one. If your kid is young and you feel that they will be hurt by using the hard one, there are bottles made with soft straws, and therefore you can choose to buy it instead.


When it comes to a water bottle the most things that you should consider are related to the physical appearance and the functions as well. Therefore it is advisable that you buy a bottle that will suit your children regarding carrying and usage as well. Plastic bottle come in different shapes sizes and colors as well of which are sold at pocket-friendly prices. Therefore you get varieties to choose from depending on your requirements and expectations as well.


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