How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier

Babies are gentle human beings who need to be handled with a lot of care and gentleness. From feeding, bathing, dressing and carrying you need to take care of the baby. When it comes to choosing a baby carrier, it is important that you choose a carrier that is suitable for your child and you as well.

Let’s look at some advantages of a baby carrier.


Unlike a stroller where you have to squeeze yourself in the crowd, a baby carrier allows you to walk freely since the baby is next to you hence you are not taking too much space. It allows you to perform some physical exercises as all you have to do is put your baby on the back.


When the baby is carried in a baby carrier, he or she is close to the mother and therefore the kid is secure and cannot be snatched or harmed.

Improves bonding

A baby carrier allows the mother and the child to bond. This is because the mother can talk to the child as she walks or works out. In return, the child becomes familiar with your breath, heart beat and also your voice.

What tips can you follow to be able to choose the best baby carrier?

Age of the child

Different brands of carriers are made according to the age of a child. Therefore before you choose a baby carrier put in mind the age of your child. If the baby is less than six month, you should consider selecting a carrier that is warmer so as to keep your child warm and comfortable as well. Also, ensure that the carrier allows your baby’s legs to hang comfortably as well. Therefore the size of the carrier matters a lot. You can test it with the baby just to make sure that you buy the right size.

Weight and height of the baby

This is another crucial thing to keep in mind when heading to the store. Baby carriers come in different sizes for different weights and heights of the child. Therefore make sure that you choose the one that will hold the weight of your baby. Also, comfort is crucial when it comes to buying a baby carrier. Therefore ensure you purchase a carrier that is of the right dimensions so your child can fit comfortably.

The purpose

Before you choose a carrier, you should ask yourself this question. Do you need a carrier that enables you to work while carrying your baby or do you need the one that allows you to breast feed in public? All these questions are important and will help you buy a carrier that will be able to fulfill your needs and requirements.


Quality is an essential thing to look out for when choosing a baby carrier. You need to ensure the safety of your child and yourself as well when buying a carrier. Also, you don’t want to keep on buying a new baby carrier each and every month when it gets spoilt. Therefore ensure that you choose a carrier that will serve you for a long time and be safe to use as well.

Ease to use

Before you choose a baby carrier, ensures that you can use it. Some carriers are a bit complicated as they require a lot of time to fasten while carrying a baby. Therefore choose a carrier that will not give you a hard time to secure. Know the safety your child is crucial.


When choosing a baby carrier to make sure you put the above tips into your mind, so you can select the right carrier for your child. You and your child’s comfort and security is very crucial and therefore make sure you choose the right carrier.


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